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Author Book Price
Jack Ensign Addington The Hidden Mystery of the Bible $15
C.L. Baum Studies in Divine Science $18
C.L. Baum Individual Responsibility $18
Nona Brooks Short Lessons in Divine Science $13
Mysteries $13
In the Light of Healing $13
H. Emile Cady Lessons in Truth $15
Malinda Cramer &
Fannie B. James Divine Science Its Principle & Practice $15
Malinda Cramer Come Unto Me
    Volume I The Light $13
    Volume II Job $13
    Volume III The Christ $13
Steven Davis The Gospel of Thomas $12
Hazel Deane Powerful is The Light $12
Charles Fillmore Prosperity $12
    Atom Smashing Power of Mind $12
Charels Fillmore The Mysteries of Genesis $15
Charles Fillmore
& Cora Fillmore The Twelve Powers $12
Emmit Fox
    Power Through Constructive Thinking $10
    Make Your Life Worthwhile $10
Emmet Fox’s Students Keys to Life & Health  $10
       Denial, Affirmations & Treatment  $10
    The Science of Living: in class with Emmet Fox
JoAnn & Cecil Corsiatto Mystics of the Bible
Their Success Secrets for You
According to the philosophy of Emmet Fox
Joel S. Goldsmith Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture
Practicing the Presence
Irwin Gregg The Divine Science Mind  $12
Emma Curtis Hopkins The Gospel Series $15
Ronald Hughes Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
(editor)     His Complete Writings & Beyond $50
Fannie B. James Truth & Health  $18
H.B. Jeffrey The Spirit of Prayer

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Miriam Comer Johnson Dark Night Bright Morning $12
Joseph Murphy The Power of Your Subconscious Mind  $12
Ervin Seal Mingling Minds  $12
    Take Off From Within  $12
Roger Walsh Essential Spirituality  $12
Helen Zagat Faith & Works  $12
Lula Zevgolis Grace & Truth
The Story of Grace Lightfoot Faus
Eric Butterworth Unity A Quest for Truth $12
    The Concentric Perspective $12
    PosiTrends & NegaTrends $12
    The Universe is Calling $12
    Life is for Living $8
      Life is for Loving $8