Minister’s Corner

Rev. Dr. Craig Harris Quimby Church Minister
Rev. Mary Emma Dryden Minister Emeritus
In loving memory of the Honorable Reverend Lucia Faugno



We are a non-sectarian group of people dedicated to the study and application of the inherent capabilities within all of humankind. Its purpose is to support and further the benevolent creative forces in the universe so that health, happiness and peace prevail.

Quimby Church – Divine Science in the Meadowlands is in addition, an Off-Site Campus for The Divine Science School in Washington D.C.
We are also a member of Divine Science Federation International, International New Thought Alliance, and The Divine Science Minister’s Association..


I am not my physical body, however it is mine.
My body is hungry, I am not; my body is tired, I am not….
I am not my thoughts, the mind is part of the body; the thoughts are mine but they are not me.
I am in the image and likeness of my Creator.
I can store all I want in the body’s mind and have the deepest respect for that storage,
but all I truly need is to go into the silence and free myself from even the positive knowledge.
It is there that the being of all Goodness reveals itself,
for it is the “I”; no separation, no duality …timelessness…
We have moments of being on top of the mountain, and moments of appearing to be on top of the mountain; but it is when we enter into the mountain,
the true fountainhead of God’s deep inner knowledge,
we then can begin to embrace our divinity; ever present; all knowing; all powerful.
This is our energy, our glory, our being….our true awakening in a continuum of being.
Let us not just behold God and be in awe,
but let us also be as One with our Heavenly Mother/Father.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

Dr. Quimby’s philosophy covered certain ideas which enrich life in all ways.

Beliefs determine happiness or the lack of it.

Beliefs can be changed.

Life responds to our beliefs.

We exist within the One Presence, the One Spirit.

We have access to the One.


A TREATMENT PRAYER from Emma Curtis Hopkins
(First Emma states, she would say this treatment prayer for herself and then to the person she was treating)

I do not believe in a mixture of good and evil, I do not believe in evil of any kind
I believe that all is good, There is no reality in trouble
All is peace
There is no reality in sickness, All is perfect health
I do not believe in anything wron, I believe all is well



We are spiritual beings having a human experience. In Spirit we are in the likeness of the Divine Mind of Innate Intelligence, for we are One with the Mother / Father, All Good, All Love, All Wellness.

Our Flesh is but a garment of the outer world and it’s mind (our personality) is only an accumulation of what we take in from the outer world and the inner world and choose to express.

May I be conscious of my thoughts and beliefs, and may I see beyond the senses of man’s muck and mire.

In the simple but profound words of H. B. Jeffrey –“Lord all I need is Thee and all is well”; for there in the eternal moment is Wisdom, Peace, Grace, and Love.

A major definer of the Quimby message was the gifted writer and speaker Dr. Ervin Seale (1909-1990), who for 32 years addressed a large audience at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City.
The Quimby Memorial Church is an outgrowth of the Quimby Memorial Church and Foundation of New York City. The Church and Foundation were under the direction of Dr. Ervin Seale. Dr. Seale, a former minister of the Church of the Truth. Dr. Seale dedicated his later years to translating and publishing the writings of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby.
Among the modern writers whose ideas are included in our teaching are Dr. Ervin Seale, Emmet Fox (ordained as a Divine Science minister), and Joel Goldsmith.