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Quimby History Corner

Rita Caiazza, Secretary of the Quimby Church Board of Directors, has been taking Divine Science classes since 2004. This October Rita will be going to Washington, D., C. for the ministerial class taught by Dr. Al G. Salazar.
In her position as Spiritual Development Counselor at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, she has brought the freedom of Truth to patients from all faiths. Discharged patients complete a survey, developed by Rita, to express how they have benefited by attending the spiritual groups, lectures, and individual sessions. The feedback/results are nothing short of amazing. Rita’s personal interests include family, tennis, speedwalking, theater, and the beach. Professional interests include volunteering and Reiki.

Quimby Church’s Metaphysical Dictionary - Soul A dictionary definition is that soul is the immaterial essence, an animating principle or actuating cause of an individual life.
Fillmore’s definition in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary delves into a deeper meaning of soul as that which developed out of Spirit and is the expression of Spirit. It receives direct inspiration from the realm of Spirit and it receives impressions from the external world. Jesus was the ultimate expression of soul. His “presence” or charisma, and his ability to speak in a way that people could understand were the tools he used from the human world that attracted crowds to gather to hear his message, the expression of his soul from Divine Mind.

Adele Harris, Contributing Editor

Four Quimby Ministerial Students
Congratulations to Rita Caiazza, Craig Harris, Gloria Thomson, and Rosemarie Volpone
who will travel to the Divine Science School in Washington, DC in October to take the Divine Science ministerial training course.The week-long class will be taught by Dr. Al G. Salazar.
This intensive spiritual class is the latest step in an eternal journey that leads back to an understanding that we have never left our Father’s house.

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