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Newsletter September 2009 Vol. 29

In Luke 1: 26-25 the Annunciation refers to the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Son of God. Metaphysically, this means that Mary, the soul, was open and receptive to receive the Christ Consciousness. Mary represents the soul that magnifies the Lord “daily in the temple” (within), and through its devotions prepares itself for the higher life (Christ Consciousness).

The Annunciation can come to all of us when we, too, prepare ourselves through our devotion to the higher life. The coming of the Christ body into activity is the result of an exulted idea sown in the mind and matured by the soul (Mary). The soul is devout and expectant. It believes in the miraculous as a possibility. This activity of a True idea is the seed in our mind that quickens and grows and attracts the attention of the outer consciousness. This is the birth of the Christ.

One cannot strive to be enlightened. Instead, we must remove the obstacles that restrict our awareness. We can then be awakened to the Truth of our being. Just like Mary, we must be open, receptive, and able to receive. To be open requires a daily honest look at one’s self. Emmet Fox pointed out: “we can’t be careful enough with what we store in our minds. The subconscious will believe it and attempt to make manifest what we have given it.”

To be receptive is to perceive without illusions. How often the perception and comprehension can be blocked by illusions and/or fantasy that create such an inaccurate picture. As the intellect and intuition turn in an orderly way to the Christ Mind, an ability to perceive Truth fully unfolds into the flawless perception of Cosmic Consciousness.

To receive can be our biggest challenge. We may feel we do not deserve God’s Goodness, but did Jesus tell the blind and the lepers to go away until they “get it together.” No! They were healed in the now and told to go forth and sin no more.

The Annunciation is within each of us now. Let us put our understanding into practice.

Rev. Craig Harris
Contributing Editor

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