Welcome To Quimby Memorial Church
Divine Science in the Meadowlands of New Jersey
Member: Divine Science Fed. Intl.

Before each sermon there is a meditation taking us into the silence of the Infinite Light of Divine LIFE.
Here are a few of these meditations

In this silence the deep inner knowledge of the Mother Father's Wisdom, Love, Grace, and Harmony becomes clearer.
The silence is the language of LIFE.
In the silence we become conscious of our true infinite and innate self as we return to our knowing, that there is no separation.
We are one in God Consciousness expressing in us and as us in the divinity of Christ Consciousness.

We are ever evolving in Christ Mind, becoming more in the likeness of the heavenly Mother Father and less in the image of the flesh.

Peace and Blessings

* The length of the silence during the meditation and its conclusion has been shortened.
You may wish to pause the recording and experience the length os silence to your own liking before concluding.