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Divine Science in the Meadowlands of New Jersey
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We invite you to a new world of experiences through spiritual understanding and enlightenment. Our message redefines the healing work of Phineas P. Quimby, who applied the ancient principles of healing as practiced by Jesus.

Church Service Sunday at 11:15 am
 (Service held at Episcopal Church of Our Savior)
191 Flanagan way at Second St. Secaucus, New Jersey 07094-3435
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2124 , Secaucus , N.J. 07096-2124

30 minute conference call, led by Rev. Dryden, beginning at 8:30 pm with the reading from that day’s page in Daily Studies in Divine Science. Dial in: 1-605- 475-4000 Participant Access Code: 241338# (note: you must use the # sign) Any long distance charges will be charged to each participant’s telephone number. All are welcome.

Senior Minister Rev. Mary Emma Dryden • Associate Minister Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris
Mission Statement
Our mission is to awaken in each seeker, the awareness of the healing presence of the Christ within. And to bring a new understanding of the age old wisdom of the Old and New Testament. Our mission is to make understandable to everyone, the Omnipresence of God.
The Practice
Prayer + Affirmation + Meditation + the Silence (Healing) + Music + Song + Scripture Reading
+ Lesson + Wisdom + Fellowship + Sharing the Light

The Benefits
Healing of Body, Mind and Emotions + Self-Empowerment + Self-esteem + New Meaning
to Abundance
Classes, Counseling, Private Tutoring and Coaching Available


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Take charge of your thoughts and ideas and harness the law of expression and the law of attraction.
We are creative beings. We are consciousness as one with the whole universe. We are not our thoughts we create our thoughts and from the invisible we can bring them into the visible world. This is what we do, but often it is done with little regard to the truth that we are in charge.
We can not blame situations or people for what we think or feel. We make those choices in all of our situations. We are created in the image and likeness of life itself. A life that is infinite and timeless, all good and all powerful. The more we understand the science of these laws and principles, that the universe functions and expands in, the more we can take charge of our life and our destiny. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Become more in touch with your innate self and the power of your inner most potentials; peace, wisdom, grace, knowledge, empowerment, joy, and love. At the end of each chapter in this book there are lessons and guidelines to follow. Live In Fantastic Energy for it is LIFE!