Introduction to Fundamentals of Divine Science:

As with any adventure into a new land, in order to get the most benefit we need to learn the language. This class is a course of instruction in the meaning of certain terminology and basic assumptions. Basic Principle and Practice is the foundation on which we build our understanding of this new view of life, God and ourselves.

Our Search for Our Identity

Who am I? Why am I here? Who made me? What is my goal? The way you answer these questions constitute your personal religion whether you call it that or not.

Our Knowledge of God

If you were asked, "What is God?" you might answer, God is spirit- God is life - He is the creator." Everyone answers this question differently but, regardless of the answer, we soon see that we can't define God. We can only give synonyms for Him.

The Inherencies and Qualities of God

How did the creation come into being? In Divine Science we learn that the universe and all creation is God in self-manifestation.

The Omnipresence of God

Our mental limitation prompt us to divide God into God and humankind, absolute and relative, universal and individual, invisible and visible, etc. In truth, God is one and can't be divided. All that God is is inherent in His creation and can't be separated from it.

The Basis for the Trinity

This lesson addresses one of the most profound doctrines of the Christian Church. No Christian concept has been so widely debated and disputed at that of the trinity.

Our Indwelling Christ

In the preceding lesson, the focus is trinity. This lesson's emphasis is oneness. It is impossible to overemphasize our oneness with God, with each other and with the universe.

Prayer and Meditation

The eternal question is "What is truly valuable in thought, activity and experience?" The answer can only come from within, but inner realization is based on an understanding of self in relation to God and others. Prayer and meditation are the means to achieve this.

The Law of Expression

Ever wonder why the natural world seems to operate with such law and order and, on the other hand why there is such confusion and discord in our individual experiences?

The Unfoldment Process

We know that in the absolute sense, God is one, indivisible unchanging, eternal and perfect. As the expression of God, we have these same qualities at the core of our being. Why, then, do we  experience constant change and imperfection? Is human experience an unfolding process wherein we become aware of our true nature as a child of God?

Contacting the Christ Mind

There is an inborn desire in humankind to explore and expand its knowledge and experience. Men have walked on the moon and scientific equipment has been sent to other planets. No outer exploration compares with the discovery of "inner space" where we can find the presence of God and our own "Christ" nature.

Our Inheritance

The Bible tells us that God is the health of his people. Strangely, many Christians refuse to believe that health is a Divine Inheritance. Since so much of Jesus' ministry was devoted to healing, how can we believe that God sends us illness and pain?

The Harmony of Our Universe

The omnipresence of God includes you, your family and friends, your work and co-workers, food, clothing and all your possessions- everything in your outer environment. God is not only within you; He is all around you. Why do you ever experience inharmony?

Our Source of Supply

As we look at the universe, its vastness and complexity, we marvel at its abundance. There are more calcium atoms in your hand than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth. God's creation reflects unlimited abundance. Why do people experience lack?

The Law of Supply

There is a universal law concerning supply. When this great precept governs our thinking and feeling, supply will never be a problem again.

The True Service

Service, prompted by love, is one of humankind's highest expressions and greatest joys. It is also enlightened self-interest because of the universal law of sowing and reaping.

The Spirit of Love

So many of the world's greatest teachers have taught that Divine Love is the soul of the universe. Since this Love is everywhere, we as God's image are the very Spirit of Divine Love expressed in human form.

The Pathway to your Realization

The purpose of the creation is to express the nature of the Creator. We are here to individually express the qualities of God which are innately within us. Our task on earth is to be what we are: children of God and channels of Divine Life, Love and Wisdom.