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Dr. Ervin Seale
From the Vaults of Quimby Church:
The Lost Sermons

Founder of Quimby Church, Dr. Seale was a major definer of the Quimby message. A gifted writer and speaker Dr. Ervin Seale (1909-1990), who for 32 years addressed a large audience at Carnegie Hall and Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City.
Dr. Seale was committed to understanding and explaining The Quimby Manuscript. Two of his books; Mingling Minds: Phineas Parkhurst Quimby's Science of Health & Happiness and The Complete Writings of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby can still be purchased today
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Sermon from Rev. Lucia Faugno, founder of Quimby Church in Secaucus


GUEST SPEAKER Rev. Dr. Mariam Comer Johnson ( Author of The Open Book of Revelation)
Workshop - Consider the Lilies

GUEST SPEAKER Rev. Dr. William Freeman • Craziness in Our World and in Our Lives

GUEST SPEAKER One Omnipresent Life • Rev. Rita Caiazza

Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris Guest Speaker Unity NYC

LIFE: Living In Fantastic Energy

From the book of the same title by author Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harri



Living In The Midst of Love Supreme • Rev.Dr. Craig Harris Guest Speaker at Unity Center NYC
2019 Rev. Mary Emma Dryden and Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Be Ye Therefore Perfect, Even as Your Father Which is in Heaven is Perfect - Matthew 5:48 • Rev. Dr Criag M. Harris

Be Ye Doers of the Word, and Not Hearers Only - James 1:22 • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Attack With Love • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris at Unity Center NYC

Increasing Relience On Our Inner Reality • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

The Family Tree of God Consciousness • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

An Enlightened Body - A Divine (Christ) Mind • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Science Reveals Truth • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Closer Look At Truth • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

We Call It God • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

What is God? • Rev. mary Emma Dryden

What is Spiritual Positive Psychology? • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Reconizing Our Divinity • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Soul-Centric Perspective. Thinking Without Thinking • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Freedom Now • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Mary • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Truth is the Wisdom of God; Error is the god of opinions • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

The Alignment of the Three Inner Spaces • Rev. Dr. Craig M Harris

Modern Easter Story for Today • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

The Void and The Spirit of Life ( Palm Sunday) • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

What Is Prayer? • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

In the Red, In the Black, or In the Light! • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Tell Me About My Soul • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Free From What? • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Compassion of the Divine Christ Mind (Fannie. B.Jamse) • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Saved by Grace Practice in Grace • Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

Omnipresent Never Leaves A Soul • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

Why Does Nothing Change • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Attention• Awareness• Attitude • Rev.Mary Emma Dryden

Non - Resistance (Resist not evil) • Rev. Dr. Craig M. Harris

2018 Rev. Mary Emma Dryden and Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

Our Gifts to Lay Before the Altar
( A Triune Story of The Three Wise Men) • Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

The Power of Onesness in Fellowship • Rev.Dr. Craig Harris

A Debt Owed Unto Thyself • Rev.Dr. Craig Harris

Walking The Razor's Edge • Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

Practice What We Know • Rev.. Mary Emma Dryden

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone • Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

First Within Then Without • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Piercing the Veil of Matter (Joel Goldsmith) • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Practice What You Understand • Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

Grace and Love • Rev Dr. Craig Harris

Divine Justice - Human Justice • Rev. Dryden

Evolution-Involution • Rev. Dr. Craig Harris

Inner Spiritual Activity • Rev. Dryden

Eternal Truth • Rev. Dryden

Wise as The Serpent, Harmless as The Dove • Rev. Dr. Harris

Psychic Mental Energy • Rev. Dr. Harris

A Blast From The Past

Older Sermon / Lessons Revisted
Rev. Mary Emma Dryden and Dr. Rev. Craig Harris