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Divine Science in the Meadowlands of New Jersey
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Newsletter September 2009 Vol. 29

In September four Quimby members attended a three day silent Retreat in a beautiful wooded area of Maryland. The Retreat was sponsored by the Divine Science Church of Washington, DC, and was led by Dr. Al G. Salazar, Minister Emeritus of the Washington church.

Afterwards, Carolyn Altieri, Nelida Gallego, Adele and Craig Harris spoke to our congregation about their individual growth experiences.  

A BIG THANK YOU TO NELIDA GALLEGO for her delicious and healthy contributions to the coffee hour after the Quimby Church Sunday service. Thank you, too, to the other Quimby members who donate food each week to our friendly coffee hour. Everyone is invited.

Rev. Mary Emma Dryden

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tel. 212-420-1690

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